April 2015 Beckman Bulletin

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The Beckman Bulletin is a monthly digest from the director of the Beckman Institute. The Bulletin is sent to all faculty and staff. Each issue will highlight the latest happenings from around the Institute.

Issue 71: April 2015

Beckman Faculty Elected NAS Members
Gary Dell, full-time faculty member in the Cognitive Science Group, John Rogers, full-time faculty member in the 3D Micro- and Nanosystems Group, Taekjip Ha, affiliate faculty member, and Cathy Murphy, affiliate faculty member in Nanoelectronics and Nanosystems, have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. More at: www.nasonline.org/news-and-multimedia/news/april-28-2015-NAS-Election.html
Liang Receives 2015 IEEE EMBS Distinguished Service Award
Zhi-Pei Liang, full-time faculty member in the Bioimaging Science and Technology Group, has been selected to receive the 2015 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) Distinguished Service Award for "outstanding service to EMBS and the field of biomedical engineering." The award presentation will be held in August at EMBC'15.
Lyding Receives Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology
Joseph W. Lyding, professor of electrical and computer Engineering and full-time member of the Beckman Institute's Nanoelectronics and Nanomaterials Group, has been named the recipient of the Foresight Institute Feynman Prize for experimental work. Lyding is a pioneer in the development of scanning tunneling microscope (STM) technology and particularly hydrogen depassivation lithography.
Grants Awarded

  • Top-down and Bottom-up Brain Mechanisms at Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales: Experimental Investigation and Computational Modeling (PI: Beck, ONR)
  • Surface Directed Molecular Transport, Separation, and Concentration (PI: Braun, DTRA)
  • Differentiation of Bacterial versus Viral Otitis Media using Raman Spectroscopy in Primary Care (PI: Boppart, NIH)
  • The Family as the Unit of Intervention for Speech-Generating Augmentative/Assistive Communication (PI: Hasegawa-Johnson, QTAR)
  • Metastable Polymers for On-Demand Transient Electronic Packaging (PI: Moore, DARPA)
  • RAPID: Development of Rapid In-field Ebola Infection Screening Guided by Biomolecular Simulation and Collaborative Remote Visualization (PI: Schulten; NSF)
  • Protection of biomolecules by dietary nutrients and exacerbation of oxidative stress by impaired nutrient supply (PI: Nakamura, CNLM)

2015 Beckman Graduate Fellows Announced
The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology is pleased to announce the 2015 selections for the Graduate Fellows program. Seven outstanding graduate students from the University of Illinois were selected and will begin their fellowships during the Fall 2015 semester. The new fellows are Angela Barragan, Hector Lopez Hernandez, Cassandra Jacobs, Joanne Li, Aki Nikolaidis, Duc Nguyen, and Saumya Tiwari. See more: beckman.illinois.edu/research/fellows-and-awards/graduate/current-fellows
New Hires

  • Maxwell Robb, Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Kelli Hunt, Office Support Associate (Space Reservations)

In the News: Video Highlights new MRI “Super-Fast” Technique
A new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique developed at the Beckman Institute has enabled the capture of vocal neuromuscular movements of singing and speaking at 100 frames per second. Aaron Johnson, affiliate in Bioimaging Science and Technology, performs “If I Only Had a Brain,” on a video that’s been receiving a lot of media attention. Brad Sutton, technical director of the BIC, was involved in the creation of the specialized acquisition method that combines high-quality, high-spatial resolution, and high-speed imaging. The basis for the technique was developed by electrical and computer engineering professor Zhi-Pei Liang's group. Sutton and his team further developed and implemented the technique to make high-speed speech imaging possible. Read the story and see the video here: beckman.illinois.edu/news/2015/04/new-super-fast-mri-technique
ATM Machine to Be Relocated

The UI Employees Credit Union will be relocating the ATM outside of the Beckman café to another building on campus.  No deadline has been set for the move, but please be aware that there will no longer be an ATM available in the Beckman Institute.
Director's Seminar
NOON on Thursday, April 30, in Room 1005. Lunch will be served.

  • Suma Bhat, Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow, “Quantifying Second Language Proficiency”
  • Heather Lucas, Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow, “The Monitoring and Strategic Control of Memory Representations in Younger and Older Adults”

UIUC-MGH Molecular Imaging Seminar Series
Noon Friday, May 1—CANCELLED
The Twenty-Fifth Arnold O. Beckman Lecture on Science and Innovation
Monday, May 4, 4:30pm, Ballroom, Alice Campbell Alumni Center
The Center for Advanced Study, Department of Physics and the Research Board announce that J.C. Séamus Davis will speak on Visualizing Quantum Matter.
Davis is the J.G, White Distinguished Professor of Physical Sciences, Cornell University.  He is also Senior Physicist, Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory and the SUPA Distinguished Professor of Physics, School of Physics and Astronomy, St. Andrews University, Scotland.
In the lecture, he will describe the recent development of techniques that allow us to image electronic quantum phenomena directly at the atomic scale.
Graduate Student Seminar
Noon Wed, May 6, Room 1005

  • Peiyun Zhou (Cognitive Science/Human Perception & Performance)
  • Boon Chong Goh (Theoretical & Computational Biophysics)
  • Elizabeth Jones (Autonomous Materials Systems)

Congratulations to all our faculty, staff, and students who are completing another academic year. Special congratulations to the recent Beckman faculty who have received awards (see above.)

Regardless of whether you have received an award or not, your hard work and expertise help make Beckman the outstanding research institute that it is and I thank you.
Remember to visit the Beckman website http://beckman.illinois.edu for all the important happenings in the Institute involving our faculty, fellows, and graduate and undergraduate student researchers, their accomplishments, recognitions, and feature stories on our research programs.
Art Kramer
April  29, 2015