October 2013 Beckman Bulletin

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The Beckman Bulletin is a monthly digest from the director of the Beckman Institute. The Bulletin is sent to all faculty and staff. Each issue will highlight the latest happenings from around the Institute.

Issue 58; October 2013

Hasegawa-Johnson Named HCII Co-chair

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson has been named co-chair of the Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction (HCII) research theme. Hasegawa-Johnson replaces Thomas Huang, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, as co-chair. Huang was the longest-serving co-chair at the Beckman Institute. More here: http://beckman.illinois.edu/news/2013/09/hcii-co-chair.

Welcome to New Beckman Faculty and Staff

  • Kush Paul, Research Scientist (S. Boppart)
  • Rita Strakovsky, Postdoctoral Fellow (S. Schantz)
  • Preethi Jyothi, Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Nagamani Chikkannagari, Postdoctoral Research Associate (J. Moore)
  • Brahim Mohammedi, Visiting Scholar (N. Sobh)
  • Teresa Martin, Postdoctoral Fellow (S. Schantz)
  • Huijuan Huang, Visiting Scholar (Z. Liang)

Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the following Beckman investigators who received grant funding during the period of September 7, 2013 – October 10, 2013:

  • Controlled Trials in “At Risk” Humans to Establish the Cognitive Benefits of Nutrient Mixture and Underlying Mechanisms of Action (PI: N. Cohen; Sponsor: CNLM-Abbott Nutrition)
  • Imaging the surface dynamics of glasses and photexcited molecules (PI: M. Gruebele; Sponsor: NSF)
  • Novel Methods to Assess Effects on Child Development (PI: S. Schantz; Sponsor: U.S. EPA)
  • Hands-on Workshops on Computational Biophysics (PI: K. Schulten; Sponsor: NIH)
  • FUA for ITG Services (PI: S. Robinson; Sponsor: Illinois Rocstar)

Postdoc Applications are Being Accepted

Applications for 2014 Beckman Postdoctoral Fellows Program are now being accepted. Deadline is midnight Monday, December 2. The Beckman Institute Fellows program is intended for recent Ph.D.s or students in their final year of doctoral study with research interests relevant to the Beckman Institute. A competition is held yearly and four to six fellows are selected for terms of up to three years. The application and more information can be found here: http://beckman.illinois.edu/research/fellows-and-awards/postdoctoral

Directory photos

If you recently had your directory photo taken and would like to use it for other purposes, you can access it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/94027416@N07/sets/72157636304180173/

iCard Access for Graduate Student Offices

In an ongoing effort to continue to reduce the need to issue physical keys at the Beckman Institute, the following graduate student offices will be added to our electronic access control system:
•             1514/1514A
•             1714/1714A
•             2514/2514A
•             2614/2614A
•             2714/2714A
•             3414
•             3414A
•             3514/3514A
•             3614/3614A
•             3714/3714A
Beginning November 1, 2013, all graduate students assigned to these rooms  MUST use their University of Illinois iCard for access. If you have any questions, please visit Mike Marana, Beckman security.

Autoclave Room (3726) Update

The Autoclave room door (3726) will be secured starting November 3, 2013.  Everyone requiring access should attend one of the two 1-hour training sessions next week provided by Martha Schneerman, DRS:

  • Monday, October 28th at 3pm in room 1005
  • Tuesday, October 29th at 11am in room 1005

Participants wanted for fMRI study

Native English-speaking, right-handed participants, ages 18-40, with no history of neurological disorders and are not taking, or have taken in the past six months, medication for psychiatric disorders are sought to complete fMRI study. Participants will be paid $10/hr for behavioral, $15/hr for fMRI. If interested, contact dolcoslab@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events

  • External Advisory Committee visit: October 30 – November 1, 2013. Please contact Kathy Harper, kharper@illinois.edu, for more information.
  • The Oct. 30 Graduate Student Seminar is at noon in Room 1005. Presenters are Andrew Bower (Bioimaging), Windy Santa Cruz (Autonomous Materials Systems), and John Walker (Cognitive Neuroscience).
  • The next Director's Seminar Series is at Noon Thursday, Nov. 7, in Room 1005. Florin Dolcos will present on “Neural Correlates of Emotion-Cognition Interactions in Healthy and Clinical Groups. See the complete schedule.
  • The Thursday @12:20 concert on November 14 features the Derick Cordoba Jazz Combo. See the complete schedule.

Please contact me with any comments, questions, or suggestions. The Beckman web site, beckman.illinois.edu, continues to post in a timely manner all the important happenings in the Institute involving our faculty, fellows, and graduate and undergraduate student researchers, their accomplishments, recognitions, and feature stories on our research programs.

Art Kramer

October 22, 2013