ITS Network File Storage

ITS provides an enterprise-class File Storage Service available to any Beckman Institute researcher, with 1TB available at no cost to each Beckman faculty member. This storage is hosted on a server cluster with redundant disk arrays. Data is backed up nightly to an offsite location, making this service ideal for hosting critical research data.

Level of Service

What is included

The Beckman File Storage Service includes local disk space on an enterprise-class storage array and nightly backups to an offsite location. Backups will keep the current file copy and will retain the last two previously backed-up revisions for 30 days. Deleted files will be retained for 30 days.

Access & Availability

The storage can be made available to anyone with a UOFI Active Directory password. The storage is accessed through a SMB/CIFS (Windows native) file share. Access permissions may be set for individual or group access at a granular level. The service is available 24 hours a day, excluding occasional brief outages for routine maintenance to be performed during the normal ITS maintenance hours.


  • Charges for the service are as follows:
  • ITS provides up to 1 TB at no cost to each Beckman faculty member.
  • Additional capacity is available at $0.154/GB/year.
  • Charges are based on allocated storage quota and are calculated and billed monthly.
  • Charges can be made to valid University CFOPs only.

Service Requirements

  • In order to use this service you must have the following:
  • NetID
  • UOFI Active Directory password
  • Computer capable of mounting SMB/CIFS file shares: Windows (native), MacOS (Samba), Unix/Linux (Samba)
  • Network connection on the Urbana campus network or CITES VPN

Information and Service Requests

For additional information or to sign up for this service contact the Beckman Institute ITS Help Desk.

Connecting to Storage

To access storage from your computer you must use a SMB/CIFS mount, using the file server and share name given when you registered. Steps for making a SMB/CIFS mount will vary with the operating system of your computer. Please contact the ITS Help Desk if you need assistance.

UNC path: \\<name of server>\<name of share>

Credentials: UOFI\<netid>

Campus password change page: