Stephen E. Levinson



  • Beckman Institute
  • 405 North Mathews Avenue
  • Urbana, Illinois 61801


Stephen Levinson received his Ph.D. from the University of Rhode Island in 1974. From 1976 to 1997, he worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories, from 1990 to 1997, as head of the Linguistics and Research Department. He is a professor in the University of Illinois Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a full-time Beckman Institute faculty member in the Artificial Intelligence Group. His fields of professional interest are speech synthesis, speech recognition, automatic natural language understanding, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence.


AT&T Bell Laboratories Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (1990); IEEE Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer (1986); Sigma Xi Research Prize (1974).


Levinson's research at the Beckman Institute continues the study of speech recognition that he pursued at Bell Laboratories, but with a different focus. Whereas most researchers in the area focus on making computers recognize acoustic patterns which can be treated with mathematical algorithms, Levinson believes that the most important aspect of communication is to convey meaningful messages. This approach is more complicated because there are only weak mathematical models for meaning. Thus, Levinson is working at the Institute with both theoretical and anatomical neurophysiologists who study brain architecture, as well as psychologists who study linguistic and other cognitive behavior and computer scientists who are interested in pattern recognition and learning theory. He and his students have built a robot that eventually should be able to acquire language by interacting with real environments and thus communicate with humans in a more natural manner.


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